Wednesday, June 06, 2007

ok this blog needs some animation

i will be sort of awol because my Nihongo final is coming up next Wednesday. But before going undercover,understated, understandable, underwater there is this small animation i made using Tess,a neat design program.
As those who read my blog know i am an animation buff, and i like to animate textiles as well as fractals. This is an example of an animated textile, For more animation check here
and here

neki desu


  1. Looks really nice Neki! I'll keep my fingers crossed next Wednesday.

  2. I like to see how you play with fractals!

  3. info@maryyaeger.com11:04 PM

    I'm glad you do both textiles and animation, but what is Nihongo? It sounds like an African language.

    I'm also into textiles and animation, although I've only got one completed thing done a few years ago. It's on You have to press the upper left yellow oval to get to the .mov. I animated my miniature bead people. Now I'm primarily doing stitch art, not a lot of beadwork. I sort of shuffle back and forth.
    I found you through inaminuteago because of the post about gum arabic. I'll come back when I have more time, but it looks like you've got really cool info here; thanks!


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