Thursday, June 21, 2007


Or the way of the samurai. It is a code of ethics and action but to us poor poor Japanese students means being wiped out. So wiped out that i didn't even show up to pick up my grades. Figured i'd learn about it at the farewell lunch. After two beers i will have gathered enough courage to face whatever.
Nonetheless i have spent my time making tenugi as a farewell token for my classmates to wrap up this year. A tenugi is the cloth Japanese men tie around their foreheads to collect sweat as well as to imbue them with strength and fervor. As all things Japanese it has a ritualistic component.

My tenugi is an exhortation to study hard. Using the declension from Hades that had us going nuts this trimester i came up with the above.
The beauty of the project was that it started out being laborious and complex and ended up being concise and simple. Economy and simplification of techniques, the message on the fabric is it. Minimalism in form, execution and message.Then again less is more.

neki desu

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