Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Is this hardanger?

This is the front part of an outfit that belonged to my grandmother and was given to me during my last visit home.It was either made by her or her mother.Both women were very skilled in needle works and my great grandmother was also a very skilled crocheter. There are still in the family lace doilies and bedspreads that were made by her. I remember being taught how to do this kind of work, called calado in Spanish, when i was a child. I would sit for as long as i could sit still and get instructed by both ladies. Then i'd be released and given home made fruit sorbet as a reward. Little did i know then that would plant the seed of my future interest in textiles.

i was lucky enough to get 3 linen dresses and a couple of blouses profusely decorated with that kind of needlework. The dresses are gorgeous 1930-40 style full of interesting tailoring details. Notice the sweet buttons

neki desu


  1. i love this old stuff, i have a lot of lace and crochet and embroidery from my grandmother. such great detail here. looks like hardanger.

  2. Could it possibly be Filet Crochet, which would fit in with your great grandmothers skill?

  3. I'm shure it is embroidery. Looks similar to hardanger and uses some of the techniques, but is imho not exactly the same. I know a similar, but yet a bit different style from German handkerchiefs done a little bit later than your example, 1940-1950. I guess this drawn thread stuff spread over nearly all the world in endless variations and under different names. Thanks for posting this, I found it very interesting.

    My own mother never taught me such stuff because she hated it at school. Imagine her shocked look when I showed her that I had learned several drawn thread techiques from an old book from the fleamarket! I was about 19 then. But nowadays I rarely have the patience for the really tiny and difficult stuff.



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