Sunday, June 24, 2007


Already! 25 weeks of TAST.
All the stitches i have learned and all the people i've come in contact with!
For this week's sample i used some heavy cotton fabric similar to
Pima cotton on which i had been testing starch paste resist.The fabric came out o.k, but it's a real killer to embroider because of its tight weave. The stitch was long and short which in my opinion is less demanding than satin and creates a variety of interesting textures. Threads were DMC embroidery cotton, silk cordonnet and spun silk for texture.

There's a maxim in our household that says: you can boil rice in a frying pan, but the existence of saucepans should tell you something. That can be applied to all things and situations in life. Like fabric for example.

neki desu


  1. Only 25 weeks but compare this to your first piece and look how far you have come with the background as well as the stitching. And look how far we have all come really since then.

  2. there is definitely a fine balance between thread, needle and fabric. it is so important for easy stitching. some of the most beautiful fabrics are like concrete to stitch on. i often find i need to create the correct relationship between the size of the eye of the needle and the thickness of the thread to stitch on tight fabric. sometimes for instance, instead of using 2 strands, i use one strand doubled, if this makes sense, less bulk in the eye of the needle.

  3. Nice sample - wise words!

  4. I love your maxim, Neki. The piece looks great!


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