Friday, April 06, 2007

tropical nouvelle

It came as a pleasant surprise to find some restaurants in Puerto Rico involved in what i call tropical nouvelle. This is characterized by the use of tropical fruits, vegetables and tubers in an innovative way. One of my faves became the guava recipes . As a kid i'd pluck them straight from the tree and eat them, but nowadays boiled in a very light syrup,mashed and strained and with a dash of black pepper, they make a delicious sauce to dip green plantain or yucca chips.
There's another twist to guavas, skinned,chopped sauteed with onions and used as stuffing for pork loin. Maybe a light balsamic vinagrette, heavy on the olive oil with lots, and i mean lots, of chopped cilantro would complement the sweetness of the stuffing.

neki desu

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  1. HOLA! I have to thank you for the nice recipes, n Colombia we are using the same fruit for juice (here they say this is the only fruit in the world with 16 vitamins). I like to eat it just as an apple.


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