Thursday, April 05, 2007

i'll make do with what i have-said she

But i'm such a sucker for beautiful yarns and threads that i could not resist these.
So i ordered them from Dollmaker through my friend Holly and they were waiting for me at my mom's when i got there. While there i must confess that i also picked up some glittery threads at Wallmart,where i avoid shopping, but i said to myself, just for once what the heck. Hope the breach of principles does not get me bad karma.
Now i have to make up for the missed TAST week stitches.
i'm thinking about cheating and rolling all of them into one single piece so that i can rehook to the pace in one week. We shall see.
Moving on to blogging. Came back to find Blogger sort of embeded (pun) into Picassa which means among other things that there's a space limit for one's picts.Then of course one can buy extra space. The end of free is here. Guess i'll have to get Flickr.

neki desu

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