Tuesday, April 10, 2007

against my own beliefs

Sounds pretty pompous, but i firmly believe that if one does not have the skill one should sample first and forget about rendering"the idea". My excuse is that i wanted to catch up with TAST
So here they are weeks 11,12.13.Week 14 will go in another post so that Blogger doesn't get upset with the photo uploading and starts acting up.It IS already acting up.

Detail of the left side gold, silk and cotton threads, stamping.

Detail of the right side silk and cotton threads, various grists and stamping.
The fabric is a handwoven silk crepe scarf that didn't meet the grade and it is being recycled. Not sure if the texture is appropriate for the excersise.
You can see the whole piece at my Flickr

neki desu

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  1. Great samples! And welcome to Flickr!


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