Saturday, April 21, 2007

Oh ! Those pretty colors!

Perhaps this has been circulating for a while, but my sister sent me the link this week,The Interactive Color Harmonizer You can work on line to design a color scheme using 2 principles:progression or the golden mean. Also check out Genesis One.2 a really cool application that can be either used on line or downloaded.It is a design tool for generating pleasing wave patterns. Yes, i know we don't need more gadgets, remember? So here am i contradicting myself but,in other words both tools can make life much easier.

neki desu


  1. Thanks for the links. It nice to have distractions and toys to play with at times. Perhaps in the great scheme of things such things matter as much as all our angst.

  2. Thanks for these - I shall have fun with them!


interaction appreciated!


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