Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Working with polyester (UGHH) here. i'll be giving a short workshop on textile resources and the chosen topic is using heat to transform fabrics. Of course one can use silk, but it's expensive and everyone will be uptight about ruining it. Plus these are 19 year olds.

So polyester be it
It holds well the shape and it's inexpensive.

The top photo has the ties in place and the other one shows the fabric without the ties. i dobut i'll use polyester again, but working these samples gave me some ideas for silk.will keep them on the proverbial back burner until the summer.

neki desu


  1. Is this the polyester that you heat in the oven?

  2. This looks really interesting! I don't quite understand how it's done though. You tie the fabric and then put it in the oven? You can do this with silk too?


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