Friday, April 20, 2007

TAST 16- what's the name of this cutie?

It was such fun to work this Palestrina stitch!And it came out so cute. You can start on one side making a curve and at some point change the stems to the other side without looking sloppy. Love the effect because it's so fractal like.
i used tow linen- great txture but difficult to work with because it frays. Same for chenille. i also worked with silk, silk doupioni, wool and used red rayon for spunk.
This stitch will definitely go on my faves list.

neki desu


  1. You've left me way behind with the TAST now. I just can't seem to get in to these 'fancy' stitches. Bring on the French knots ! :)

  2. This is really nice! Looks like an abstract painting. Thanks for hte link in your previous post.


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