Monday, February 12, 2007

kindness on the web

Thanks to all who visited and left suggestions for my uploading woes.
Let's see how it works out today.
After so much stitching i had to get back to weaving and it is going along well,albeit having spent a small sum on hairspray to control the sticky warp from Hades.
Needed some recreation so i visitedJudy's blog where she has a thought provoking post -Reading Linda Nochlin -about women and the arts.
Also stopped by SharonB's Mindtracks blog which i found very informative. Having come across the video last Tuesday it was interesting to find out the source.
Her post about knowing your blogging audience also gave me some things to think about.Will have to think and phrase the questions i came up with.

About today's image.It's a composite of a fractal image on the background a tesselation forming a textile pattern and an image i found on a Japanese website.And a lot of Photoshop.
All fun and games chilling out a bit in front of the computer.

neki desu

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  1. This is the sort of stuff I would love to be able to do.


interaction appreciated!


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