Wednesday, February 14, 2007

no pain no gain

Feel like a weaving martyr.This is going on and on and on like the Duracell rabbit.
The warp from Hades keeps acting up no matter how much spray i use.Threfore a logical reaction is to weave less and engage in other pursuits. Like the picture here. Me as the weaving martyr. While working on it i got the silly giggles, at least good vibe hormones were liberated.The textile is the actual factual textile from Hades.

Moving on . The TAST sample is coming along well.It isn't an explosion like the eyelets, but it's fast to work. Hey! not every day can be Sunday.
Other matters,Nihongo. There's a list of similar sounding verbs to memorize for the mid term which has already been anounced for March the 3rd. Today Valentine's day( need i remark that?) we gave sensei a chokoreto heart. It was really funny because he bowed to the guys in class and just said thank you to the gals.i guess it is less compromising.

neki desu


  1. I love that evocative image! That is how I imagine I would feel if I ever decided to work to commission or make items for sale! You have only two choices. You can leave it on the back burner for a while so you can relax, or work through the pain and get the damn thing out of the way once and for all!

    Looking forward to seeing your TAST.

  2. Hi Neki,
    When I was in collage we used to boil rice (for a few minutes) and use the water on the warp instead of hairspray. "Paint" it on with a brush. Just an idea...


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