Friday, February 09, 2007

Eyelets 2


ok the scoop is that apparently you can't upload 2 picts in the same post in new "better than ever and more fun" blogger. Or at least that's what happens to me, not to mention 2 picts and labels. All morning at this to end up with 2 separate posts. Anyone has ideas on how to solve this?

Back to what's interesting
With all that energy i produced another sample, this time in white,beige and ecru to see how the linen background acted. It was a different tune all together bcse the background was more part of the sample, more dialoguing or integrated with the stitches. Unable to stop i started doodling with a gold ink pen. Luckily my husband arrived and he was able to pull me out of the trance!

This second sample was done in cotton linen and rayon threads.
Check out the cheeky hole in the big beige linen eyelet.
i found this stitch very versatile in that it could
be used in a contemporary way.

neki desu


  1. Think you've done really well. Both samples look pretty good. Pleased for you that this stitch has been so inspiring - wish I could say the same! Love the top one with the gold doodling. Really finishes it off.

  2. I believe you can upload both pictures into the same entry, if you upload them one at a time.

    If that does not work, I would suggest a free web photo album (like Webshots or Flikr) and coy/paste the picture links.

  3. Lovely sample!
    (I do not have trouble uploading several pictures in the same post. This is strange.)

  4. Neki!
    Nice stitching!
    I love it. You got a nice effect playing with eyelets.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love both samples also.
    I have loaded as many as 4 pictures on to the same post but I have to upload them separately and then I have to move them to where I want them on the page.
    I have only been blogging for 6 weeks and it frustrated me in the beginning but I am confident with it now.

  6. I love both these studies on the eyelets. Great work!

  7. I like the sample,you seem to have really taken to eyelet stitch. It is a bit compulsive - I like the little stilletoes to make the holes, and have a few with mother-of-purl handles.

  8. I to have had problems loading more than two photos at a time. I uploaded five the other night, said they had published successfully and then today I've only two left. Grrr!

    Love your eyelett stitch. I have a lot of catching up to do for this TAST challenge.

  9. I love this light coloured sample, it's very pretty.
    I don't have any trouble with multiple images, when I'm in the upload pop-up box I just click on 'upload another image' and a new little box opens below the first one. I've added 4 or 5 together without any problems. Good luck!

  10. great work..
    Open the image file in windows paintbrush and you can cut and paste portions of your images into a single file,save it and then upload it ,if u have problems with multiple file uploading.check out

  11. Hi, thanks for nice comment on my blog! I like your eyelets, best that one in gold!

  12. Yes, I agree that the eyelets are intricate and detailed. Gorgeous!

  13. Love this sample - very organic. Great stitches and design :)

  14. Oooooh, thanks for leaving a comment about my eyelets, so that I could come over and check out your beautiful work - just lovely!

  15. i love this piece! so subtle!


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