Monday, January 22, 2007

messy messy blogger

No yosakoi today so i did the rounds and check out what the other TAST participants are up to. Having some time i indulged and at some point i was afraid blogger would penalize so much activity on my part by marking my blog as spam.
Some pretty incredible work out there. i feel i am going to need one more life (or two)to explore some of the ideas posed.
some really cool work on the Flikr sites
Elizabeth Dee
Could not leave comments because one has to create an account and frankly i can't handle yet another one. But i wanted to let you know that i enjoyed your work.

On the home front here are some pictures of how the weaving is developing. This is the"photoshop weaving" segment that i mentioned.
it is a royal PITA to photograph silk especially when having iridescence so the colors are off again.The warp is 3 values of purplish blue + turquoise blue weaving with royal blue.The other layer is coral- red in some parts- that weaves with the light lime weft. Notice my Japanese shuttles with those gorgeous silk bobbins. I hauled them along during the trip,but have given me wonderful service.

Blogger has been acting up again.Some of my comments to TAST people were returned due to some errors on their side. As for this post i'm on my second day, let's see what happens. What i can see is that there's no way tags will show.Every time i feel i'm ready for the switchover to new blogger life warns me.

neki desu

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