Friday, January 19, 2007

getting things done

It feels great when one can cross out things from the to do list and yesterday was such a day. Here is the TAST
stitch of the week detached chain or lazy daisy. I feel more confident now and allow
myself to wander a bit with the needle in a sort of controlled chaos. As for threads i have used hand dyed 10/2 perle, metallic thread, silk and hand dyed silk doupioni along with a bit of rayon ribbon. It is wonderful to put to use all those silk thrums.

The weaving is going really well.Amazing how enjoyable it can be even when a deadline is looming.i decided to oomph the coral warp a bit by over painting it in light red. Then i changed the tie up to show more of the coral warp. What i'll do is weave both ends with the more subdued tie up and the central part with the more contrasted one. It's photoshop weaving!

Still have to finish the Japanese homework. We are getting quite sophisticated language wise. Now we are learning to express desires, just change the masu ending to tai et voila! Wish things in real life were that easy.

neki desu


  1. I like your sample. And I admire the way you can 'wander at will'! It looks great.

  2. Thank you for your commemts on my blog! I like the free feel of your lines too. Question - when a detached chain is done with the lower end open, I suppose it becomes a fly stitch? Interesting how stitches relate to each other.


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