Sunday, January 14, 2007

weaving on a Sunday afternoon

i can't imagine anything better.Especially after such a long hiatus.
Lately a lot of old time tunes seem cue my writing.Is it a way of counter attacking the winter blues?
Now that i mention the blues the picture is slightly off color, but i wanted to post my first 10 centimeters of the sampling. It's a double weave one warp a coral silk doupioni and the second warp in 3 shades of purple plus turquoise silk doup as well.

On the other hand i would like to express my gratitude to sharon b for posing the TAST challenge. i found myself sitting at the loom full of anticipation wondering about the next stitch. It is not only a learning experience for me, but it is also a very enriching one since it breaks studio isolation. Great to be inspired by other people's work and even better to read about their thought processes.
And on top of all it is fun!

Came back from the yosakoi dead tired.The steps we practiced today were real killers, one has to be a coordination ace to follow the whole routine. But it is worth the laughs.

neki desu


  1. Anonymous10:19 PM

    This looks a beautiful piece. I have no idea of the process, but I admire it.

  2. Great looking piece. You mentioned that you designed this with the aid of Photoshop -- did you learn the technique from Alice Schlein's new book? Another question -- what is the sett for this piece?


interaction appreciated!


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