Thursday, January 25, 2007


Change the type of thread
Change the number of strands
Change the the size of the stitch
Change the the spacing of the stitches
Change the angle of the needle.

It is very windy today,the north wind blowing with a vengeance. That means cold and lots of static elecrticity. Too bad there's no chocaolate at home! Warp yarns were going PINNG!! like crazy so i had to stop weaving and am concentrating on stitching this week sample and doing some dyeing as well.
These are the gorgeous silk skeins that i bought before Xmas.It is silk doupioni from China i was told. It feels more like jute and but has an unmistakable sheen. The skein on the background was scoured in a weak solution of soda ash:came out fine, no damage except for the fact that a mild rolling simmer gave it a little crimp. I think it can be remedied or what the heck, just be left as is and the weaving will take care of it.

Nihongo class was mind boggling today. We were studying a very complex structure full of different particles and looking at each other rather blankly when it dawned on me that it was the going+ activity in English. Going shopping!That helped a bit.
Lots of homework for the weekend, a kanji test on Monday and lots of social activities too. There's a mochi party to celebrate the New Year and the kids from the Japanese school are going to play the promises to be a blast with nihongo students from all over town trying to practice their language skills while eating mochi.

Let's see if Blogger graces me with picture posting capabilities.Posting problems AGAIN!

neki desu

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