Friday, April 07, 2006

transfiguration of the commonplace

Finally got my hands on this book by Danto. It makes you think about art from many different angles, so full of information that it is definitely a slow reader. But every page feels like a good steak dinner for the brain. So far I am into his discussion of Duchamp's urinal compared to an ordinary one. Why one is art and the other isn't.
I love Danto.The way he discusses the most complex subject matter in accesible language and gives you leads to think and question those subjects.

Completed yet another kana work. This is turning to be more fun than what I anticipated. However the speed will slow down now that spring is here and I have pending gardening chores. And the classes are starting on the 19th.
The loom is also warped and cueing.

neki desu

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  1. Ah...the loom LOOMS!! Tomorrow is my first day back in the weaving room at KIA. I will finish taking my table runner off and then start to warp for the next project!! I am so excited.



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