Monday, April 03, 2006


Why are textile pople looked down on? Why is it considered "women's work"? Why do we feel apologetic about our work?
Take Rauschenberg for example-let me clarify beforehand that I love his work and it has been a constant source of inspiration-he has always used textiles and textile vocabulary in his work. And no one seems to oject. On the contrary, everyone loves it. The highest sum commanded by a quilt was a Rauschenberg workover of an actual quilt. Mind you he didn't make it himself, he just found one and worked it over.
But my point is that no one seemed to care about the medium.
Now Lola, try and get one of your quilts in a fine arts gallery and good luck.
The first thing that a conscientious reader will note is the qualifiying adjective in front of the noun.
The medium has been plundered by people who make the distinction that they are ARTISTS
So here's to us textile artists, yes , TEXTILE artists. Cheers

neki desu

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