Wednesday, March 29, 2006

the luxury of time

Finished threading the loom for a would be top. Hadn't touched yarns in a looong time, now on to beaming.So far I've discovered some twisted threads that have to be repaired before the beaming.
Also completed this new piece of the kana series.What I like is that the background silk has a distinct diagonal weave which crerates a play with the other incorporated fabrics. It's a very subtle texture play, but I think it reinforces the textile language. Because hey! for me a pet peeve is textiles wanting to be other things and masking their textile quality.
Adedd some beads on the small patch of fabric whuich also has a nice texture. When to stop-that's the design dilema.

On another note a question here. Do you people out there scketch your ideas, keeep sketch books etc? Does this help you in your process?

neki desu

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  1. Regarding sketching: I do have a sketchbook but I am not real consistent in using it. I also cut pictures out of magazines that inspire me in some way. many of these find their way into the sketchbook too. In one of my blog postings I shared a couple of sketches of plant parts in Florida. They will eventually be or find their way into a piece. For right now I am busy with the triptych for the Ricky Tims contest as the deadline looms. I tried to do sketches for this but it just wasn't working so I went ahead and worked intuitively, which is more natural for me. I will post pics of the work in progress to my blog.....



interaction appreciated!


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