Friday, April 14, 2006

spring fever

Always gets me. Energy surge and I can't stop.Although finished I still have to do some garden work in the terrace. But the clematis are already blooming and so are the yellow climbing roses.Planted the the New Mex hot chiles and tomatillos courtesy of dear friend Holly. Have promised green salsa to all the ex pats so I foresee a long line in front of my door this summer. Not a bad take if one is in need of attention. Better than fainting in a formal dinner.
Tried grilled salmon served with a sweet paprika -wasabi cover last night and my husband wanted to re-marry me. I usually try to get the tail end because it is less fatty and the flesh is firmer.
Tonight on to spring lamb with fresh peas,baked baby potatoes that catch all the lamb's juices and fresh asparragus. I dribble balsamic vinegar on the lamb before putting it in the oven to cut the lamby taste-smell. Oh and lots of fresh thyme.Especially the lemon one.
Meanwhile the whole of Spain is indulging in processions amidst a riot of incense music and fino wine.

Check out the runner in the photo. It's also from the home shop.

neki desu
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  1. YOu are making me hungry. No fresh veggies here yet...just stuff from California or South America. Still, I do have the leg of lamb for Easter dinner tomorrow. My sister-in-law will make a ham too but I prefer the lamb....

    Fresh peas....yum!! Problem is getting enough shelled to cook....the raw ones keep disappearing into my mouth....



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