Saturday, March 04, 2006

unifiying concepts

Right. Up to now I just felt as if I was navigating in different waters. Most of the work done was of the occupational therapy category. My work was one thing and the rest of my life, which is basically now studying Japanese, another thing. All scattered around me making not much sense. I was on the verge of accepting this conceptual and existential chaos as a sign of the times.
And one day as if by magic it all came toghether. All the struggling with hiragana and kana started surfacing -pun-.

I'm working on this surface design series dyeing, stitching and stamping images of letters from a Japanese newspaper. It really feels great to have been able to pull all these concepts together in life and work.

neki desu

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  1. I wish I had what it takes to put together such a collection. your awesome textile work is amazing, then add to that, the fact that you built a website to put it all on the web, and yet furthermore, embellish with your wonderful thoughts and feelings... my hero...


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