Friday, February 24, 2006

another occupational therapy project

Seems that lately all I do is o.t. I have the Japanese midterm looming and all I can think of is kana, we have been informed that this test will be a written one.
I hope it does not include dictation or else I will be lost. Having some mild dixlexia issues I need extra time to sort out whether the letters face left or right. And in hiragana and kana you have the same letter facing each way with a different sound of course.
In desperate need of creative fun I resorted to good ol' overdyeing. The scarf here was a garish odd red with black overprint and woven circles and all the elements were pulling different ways. Cacophony in a very nice soft silk yarn.
Solution -overdye to integrate all and salvage the beautiful yarn.
I think it was sucessful and now I can wear the scarf without blushing.
It has also done wonders to my tired brain cells.

neki desu

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