Tuesday, October 10, 2017

infinite goop

lacing at last. but right there i stopped and paid attention. yup, it's a singles linen and very thin,trouble ahead. 
the shirley held book, the one i refuse to part with, the same that is selling at amazon for €115.44 recommends a linseed  sizing.

luckily one can get linseed very easily here.
the recipe gives no quantities so i used one cup seeds and two cups of water; boiled softly for 30 minutes stirring occasionally.
the resulting goop was unbelievable! a very interesting texture though. there was no way that would filter so i put it through a panty hose and squeezed takes a long while.
it's interesting to note how each culture uses what's at hand. japanese make their goop using seaweed, in europe linseed is more readily available while in africa certain yams are used to make the sizing.
next time i'll use the panty hose to hold the seeds while they cook to produce a seedless goop.
all in all it was a kind of funny adventure, but readers be warned : use a panty hose.
perhaps hairdressers could use it  instead of hairspray like the goop used in the 60's.
oh that great lesley gore flip

neki desu
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  1. i just love "infinite goop"!

  2. Here it's marketed as flaxseed though they call it linseed when it refers to the oil used for wood finishing. Anyway the goop does work really well. I cook it up and run it through a small sieve to get out the seeds. No pantyhose available!


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