Monday, October 09, 2017

getting back the hang of things

trying to get into some normality.the news from puerto rico are  not getting better and trump's visit only added insult to injury. literally.
meanwhile things do not look too good in catalunya. all in all i am emotionally exhausted and trying to find some peace.
weaving. my rig to help reeding become more efficient. lots of bossa nova on spotify and the promise of opera  at the end of the week.

by the time this gets published i will have finished reeding.
oh future perfect!!

neki desu
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  1. i'm having to watch less and less of the news to maintain peace of mind.

  2. Its hard to find good news anywhere right now and trump is (metaphorically) throwing gasoline on every fire he can find... I'm so sad any of us have to deal with him. my apologies on behalf of the US (to be clear I didn't vote for the a**hole but now hes my responsibility nontheless) his behavior twords PR is shameful. the news from catalunya is upsetting too. I am trying to find a balance between paying attention and self care, its not easy but friends like you help.The bossanova sounds like a good idea...

  3. Forza e coraggio, amica mia, dopo la tempesta c'è sempre il sereno

  4. such a bad man. so crazy. but your warp looks fine!


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