Wednesday, July 12, 2017

and now news from the pot garden

multi blue clem. in theory;hardly blue and not double  stamens.  not what i bought,but pretty though.

learning about clems now that i can have them without frying.have created a big pinterest board with information, but not overly concerned with the pruning issues. ignorance is bliss.

 calamodin in bloom.smells delicious. it's a dwarf tree still more akin to a bonsai without the styling :)
however not all is pretty flowers
rant alert:
a few days ago photobucket decided to charge to enable 3rd party hosting. in other words to link a photo to your blog you need to pay now. business is business and everybody is out to make a buck no mater what.tired of the candy man strategy who offers you free candy for a while and then wants money for what used to be the old days the only ones that offered gif uploads was photobucket, but things have changed, a lot i may say. so i spend a whole afternoon uploading my gifs to get rid of their ugly notices.blogland is full of them. time to say good bye to photobucket as i did to flickr. weird that they don't know better.

neki desu
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  1. ha, ha - you're growing pot! happy days.

  2. rant support:
    I agree 100% .
    Just now cancelled my subscription to inoreader for the same reason and moved to feedly...grrr..
    Love the clem. No veggies in the garden?


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