Thursday, July 13, 2017

a pattern

wet finished and pressed,now it's time to source a pattern. there's 1.5 mts of  it.if i weren't such a chicken i'd try to draft one myself,but that would mean endless muslins  until i get the fit and the look. maybe next time.really pleased with the nubby rough look of this silk. it gives character to a simple crepe weave. less is more.

only one meter of the kakishibu weft. thinking about piecing the pattern for color blocking as i'm not sure the ai meters are going to be enough.

can you see the iridescence?

neki desu
Creative Commons License


  1. Ooooh! Yes, I can see the iridescence, and I love that crepe texture. Great cloth, and a perfect candidate for a simple pattern with color blocking.

  2. Splendido, sei una piccola maga!


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