Thursday, June 01, 2017

to every thing there's a season

and a time to every purpose...
this is a page from a book i bought when planning my first trip to was shuttle love at first glance.could not get to them then. although i spent 3 months in japan there was too much to see, experience,eat and absorb. almost on sensory overload i came back and took me a good two years to process, slow that i am.

on my second trip i got to them and the maker. by now i had the right weaving mindset, a loom beyond my 12 shaft table loom and felt very much at home in terms of the craft; had done away with the art vs craft bs and was fearlessly weaving submitting work to shows and not apologizing for or justifying my weaving.

now when i use my shuttles i experience things i don't know i could have years ago.i'll never know, but it really doesn't matter.

neki desu
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