Wednesday, May 31, 2017

from small to adequate

the extension to house the sectional beam has helped with the small shed. now i have an adequate shed and don't feel  as if weaving on a toy loom. now it's just a matter of sticky warp threads.
my hack  for cap for  nÂș3 solenoid   has also worked.
the double bobbin shuttle works like a charm. 
i feel somewhat naughty weaving with it as  i lied to hasegawa-san about my fly shuttle.had i not he would have not sold it to me. i know the japanese.
but not all has been  peachy rosy. there was a moment of panic this morning because i could not find the threader for the shuttle. thought i was lost in the move. fortunately, very fortunate indeed, i found it with all my shibori hooks.

i had to forgo the 9 km walk today if i wanted to start with the weaving , but it paid off.
the weave structure is a simple crepe i found 
in the weaver's net some time ago. i think
this is not the first time i use the draft.
the fabric has some sort of rustic charm
due to the irregularities of the silk.
this was my last ai dye the summer before last!
no wonder i have withdrawal symptoms.

neki desu
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  1. I love the texture and that soft fluctuation of the blues, like ripples,
    thank you for asking after my eyes, they are healing and working great :)


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