Wednesday, November 02, 2016

this can be classified as non motainai

motainai (もったいない)  
seems not to live in my household as i am always trying to find new uses for what i have around.
missing my doorsill eyelet thread tensioning guides-what a mouthful- i thought that the k machine tension mast would serve. after all it is used to control yarn and feed it at an even tension.
in short it worked very well for winding yarn cones from balls.  now need to try it on weaving stuff.

at last had the guts to turn the e- knitting machine on and it also worked.huge sigh of relief.

wanted to sample the venne 34/2 cotton that had been patiently waiting in its box for the move to happen. 
had never used such fine grist for knitting, but it works very well for 3 color color smiling-underneath colors showing through the top layer.
the sample needs to be blocked,but i can already
see that the yarn can be combined with one less fine yarn and it would still knit without problems. need to use all those lunatic fringe 10/2 cones.

neki desu
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  1. The studio is shaping up to be a bright, inspiring place to work! Good for you.


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