Tuesday, July 19, 2016

looks like newspeak is winning

seems that something is wrong with the verb to paint and has been changed to colorize. godgivemepatience.i have seen it around a coupe of times the latest being this . 
 don't get me wrong, jane davies does not use the wordling. i think she's much too down to earth and real to get involved in that.

so for lesson 6 and last i have been colorizing backgrounds-snicker,snicker.
the exercise revolves around creating atmospheric backgrounds to be used in any kind of composition that has been practiced in previous lessons.

these two need some more work. i need to get away from center placement hangup .

neki desu
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  1. Maybe 'they' suppose you might be using some other medium? like pastels, or crayons, or digital application??? Otherwise, paint is a perfectly good verb!


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