Wednesday, July 20, 2016


the last exercise.this one works pretty well

and so does this one. i think the papers escaping the confinement of the borders add interest.wasn't planned though.

this one's ok, need some more work, the dark side should not stand out that much.however, it's stong.

i like this one, but the yellow needs toning down because it's too dominant.

what i learned besides the  course:
  • working with various papers at once fast because the paint dries is liberating.sometimes stopping to think can act as a brake.
  • what you don't like can be covered with paint.
  • the hundreds of ways alcohol can save the day-i'm serious. i am reexamining the fact that water is the universal solvent. try cleaning caked acrylic on brushes.
  • if it does that then why not dilute acrylic with alcohol to create transparencies or watercolor (ahem) washes.
  • there's nothing that cannot be improved with a little nickel azo gold.
  • critical eye applied to self complacency, but no unnecessary self flagelation.
  • self confidence.
  • some interesting and useful tips.

i am definitely going to take the extreme composition course, but i need to let this one sink in.
meanwhile i'll  start thinking textiles in this context.

all in all fun and  positive learning experience.

neki desu 
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  1. love them all but especially the first and third one.

  2. It’s always such a pleasure to visit your blog. I love these paintings, especially that last one, even if the yellow does need a wee bit of toning down ... please not too much!


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