Wednesday, March 23, 2016

waiting for an answer

new acquisition.waiting for louet to answer about my intended loom hack, and sectional warp beam.
it was about time i took the leap, but was somewhat hesitant about drilling holes and all that. you get my drift don't you?
the only brave soul i know is Margreet Ward , but she has mr. louet at hand.

i've always wanted a warping paddle . it's sort of 
counter productive now that i am going sectional,but nevertheless i'm going to train myself on how to use it. weaving tools are so attractive!
eventually some itomakis from japan will get to me,but for the time being warp chains will have to do.

neki desu
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  1. don't know anything about these things but they are fascinating to look at.

  2. Anonymous9:10 PM

    always fun to get new equipment, whether you need it or not. have fun. having difficulty leaving a comment!


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