Tuesday, March 22, 2016

setting up

warping.the silk has already been treated with the funori sizing. worthy of note: it doesn't tangle!
think this warp will go smoothly.

neki desu
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  1. I googled funori sizing and was shown tons of hair cleanser/conditioner. and quite expensive. I have some silk in need of help or it won't get woven. Could you suggest a place to order ? and also, could you share a little info on "how to". ? Kaaren in the USA

    1. Kaaren,
      look at the feb 11 post. in the states you could try bookbinding supply stores. there must be some on line ones. good luck.

  2. Thank you. Looking in bookbinding supplies... I came across methyl cellulose which I used to use in marbling. Decided that would be easier to find - safe for silk - washes out easily, etc, etc. Maybe not 'authentic', but a good alternative for this first experiment. Thanks again.


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