Wednesday, January 06, 2016

of acronyms

dbj does not mean anything except to machine knitters. that's what i'm trying now.
here's the first sample in all its holey glory. what's really happening here is that i'm learning the ropes of the color changer as well as the ribber. there's tension to control, keeping track of the color changes, reading the machine panel to see which row am i on and which color is knitting, interpreting the manual and freaking out because i don't find the place or part, only to realize that the drawing was made to confuse and not to illustrate.and most important reading and analyzing the instructions on how to knit images and of course once again blinded by ambition i am doing 3 color knit. 
the good news, actually excellent news, is that i have acquired a lot of practice doing  the full needle rib used  for  casting on/off.

if you've read so far i'll let you in: dbj stands for double bed jacquard. expect complex images.

neki desu
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  1. I know nothing about machine knitting. I like the layering of colors - It's very intriguing.

  2. sounds complicated but i know you'll get it figured out. i love the sample you've created.....almost like a mathematical equation.

  3. great! knitting images. oh wow....!


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