Tuesday, January 05, 2016

more answered prayers

i was hesitant, i must confess, because first it came from a french  natural health company and most of the times they are pure bogus; then it sounded too good to be true.
researched the company and they do not offer anything that cures cancer, score 10 points!

i am very food conscious. at home the only processed foods we have are tomato sauce and canned tuna, we have meat once a week and all the baked goods are home made. but even with a good balanced diet it is difficult to meet the daily vitamin& nutrient requirements.
 so i jumped in. 

it is a powder which is dissolved in a glass of water,the taste is pleasantly lemony and it's taken daily.
the pharmacist instructed me to take it for 3 months then rest one and back again. the results would  visible after three months. she also mentioned that i could rest during the summer and get back to it in october. 360 grams  is a month supply.

what i've noticed after the first month:
no morning or posture stiffness
no more cracking joints
no more  occasional muscle cramps-magnesium!
improvement in muscular tone
stronger and non splitting nails
stronger hair
skin is less dry; looks and feels suppler
higher energy level

for pennies. and unlike costly face creams it does good inside where it really matters.
if you're over 30 this is a good way to go.

neki desu 
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