Thursday, August 20, 2015

experiencing texture

i've always shunned textures. working with textures was,for me, an easy,obvious solution or effect.
like using red in a composition-instant miracle! .maybe it's a peeve developed in the 70's with all that lumpy clumpy look. visual texture is another thing, takes much thought as it is a more sophisticated resource.but again this is just me.

the time has come to experiment with  puff paint in surface design and actually playing around.
the above is a sandwich of florist mesh, lutradur, poly organza and puff paint stitched together and zapped with a heat gun to see what happened.  high drama.i think it could take a bit more heat to expose the bottom layers, but heat guns are treacherous animals.

stamped on lutradur, good definition, but lacks dimensionality 

 nice lace effect on lutradur good puffiness, controlled heat gun.
lutradur laciness can be exploited to an advantage.

thick application, some puffiness. could work once painted.

 parchment paper with photo transfer, slick surface. good puffiness which leads me to infer that the less porous the surface the better the result and the more controllable the heat.

it's been fun and liberating, no pressure to create a finished work. like sampling at the loom!

neki desu
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