Wednesday, August 19, 2015



temperature it means i'm weaving again!  and a two shuttle weave nonetheless. the numerous heatwaves took their toll on equipment too, the loom cords stretched out so everything had to be readjusted again.
yahoo news insists on saying that a car in italy melted due to the heat.unless it was made of: ice, cheap chinese plastic or putty i don't see how. adding that italy,even during a heat wave, is no hotter than mauritania or the arabic peninsula on a regular day. 


a close up of the fabric.i think my camera wants to say good bye and exit.having a hard time getting well focused photos.

while on the focus topic-rant alert.
what's with google now?are they forcing people to sign up to google circles or google plus?
there are some blogs that get changed and you can only comment through those services.not only does everyone want your mobile as a security backup just in case. tsk, snigger,snigger; yes sure because they are concerned about us. end of rant.

neki desu
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  1. I think that second photo does pretty well as a closeup. Not sayin' the camera isn't on its last legs, but it ain't quite dead yet! Love the colors in the weave, esp the glint of gold.

  2. Re the car: tires melt. I've heard people in the Middle East move their cars slightly a few times a day to prevent meltdowns in the summer. Anecdotal of course.

    Re Google, in total agreement.

    Lovely fabric.

  3. Lovely weave! At least your camera doesn't have Arizona sand in the lens, Wyoming geyser "kisses" on the lens face and pumice rock scratches on the view screen. Your photo is fine!

    I'm with you on google and I don't even have a mobile phone. So there.


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