Tuesday, July 28, 2015

the great blogging debate

Unexpected abstraction

lately there has been some questioning about blogging, whether it's dead or not, whether it still holds a purpose given the myriad of other on line communities.

i am somewhat old fashioned in this respect; to me blogging is an essential part of my doing. although sometimes there's little text, for me, it is a more in depth recording than any other on line platform. it also functions as a knowledge transfer platform as there are lots of tutorials about every thinkable topic.
it is a place where one can ramble and distill thoughts. and if someone is kind enough to leave a comment it can also mean a way of conversing.i have made great friends through blogs and some i have even met in person.
plus there's something about a first,let's say love, that is difficult to replace.

instagram for me is mainly about photos and photo experiments; quick glances from my walks and open to the viewer's interpretation. hardly ever i add text.

facebook is in my opinion repetitious and superficial. from all the posts in my feed maybe 1/4 is interesting and or's mostly about cats, disasters that can happen to you or your pets,pseudo inspiring schmaltzy thoughts and gods of every kind. it is time consumed passively and i am slowly limiting my presence there.

pinterest poses copyright ethic questions, it is also rather passive, but at least it is inspiring. mind you i am just half guilty; i don't pin, but i follow some boards because they are full of information. like a graphic google at your fingertips unlike present google which is more interested in selling ads and promoting places. have you noticed that one has to go to the 7th-8th page to really start finding information.

perhaps all of the above describes me as a non millenial, which definitely i am not. but then again that's not my niche and i don't think they'd be interested in something so time consuming and slow as weaving.

neki desu
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  1. I have been away from my blog for a while, but I totally agree with what you are writing. I might better myself regarding my blog ;)

  2. neki, you are spot on here. i have less involvement with non-blog (though know the facebook time-suck) but the blog format and my blogging and the interactions out there (wherever there is) did nothing less than change my life.

  3. I do love the connection with friends and other makers, but I have been trying to be less at the computer and more at the loom. It's a balancing act, I guess.

  4. Anonymous7:44 PM

    well said, Neki, couldn't agree more.

  5. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Yes and plus - I see my blog as my house, I can do as I please, no one dictates who, when see what I write, changes the rules like eg. on Facebook.

  6. Yes I like blogging it helps you formulate stuff I think, and communicate with other people with similar interests, I use Facebook sometimes but nothing else.

  7. thank you for this...happy to found your blog! saludos desde La Palma


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