Monday, July 27, 2015

sometimes two is bigger than four

especially when talking fractions ie:1/2 vs 1/4.not only did the other day i read on line that a person was heatedly arguing that on forth was bigger than one half because four was a higher number than two,but later on the week i wanted to draft a skirt block and the instructions called for drafting one fourth of the pattern as then you would place it on a folded cloth to make the whole pattern.
DUH???ಠ ಠ  ಠಠ
1/4 +1/4= 2/4=1/2. and i'm not good at math!

here is the evil one fourth of the pattern, wish there were classes that taught giving instructions.
the right pattern block + ease added as per these instructions, something quite uncommon.
from the basic block i am aiming to develop this number. nothing like a challenge to keep your mind focused.
and if you're interested in unusual pattern developments the blog and facebook page are absolute musts. warning: not for wimps.!

neki desu 
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  1. Oh, my. And I thought *I* was math-impaired! Hope you enjoy the pattern drafting. I find it kind of fun myself but rather time-consuming and you still need to muslin the results. Studio Faro really has some interesting and challenging projects! Luckily most are not my style but I love seeing how it all works.

  2. ha ha....amazing. you have to be on your toes. wish my dad could see what is available on line these days. he went to school in NYC to learn pattern drafting and made all the clothing for my family. he even made his own shirts. i still have one of his pattern drafting books.


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