Tuesday, July 01, 2014

nothing like having yarn to burn

  odaiba                                                    itsukushima

       rock garden                                                     rocks

went to the chinese bazaar and bought two 100 gram skeins  of perle cotton size 8 in white and black.
having limitless yarn frees you . you can experiment without being afraid of wasting yarn.
and of course inspiration finds you working. one idea develops into another and another and what if......
some images knit more successfully than others, others are more visually appealing, others read better. the things you learn.
i've learned that for 3 colors in one row you need a ribber.i have one waiting ,but i need to get acquainted with the machine first.three colors will most likely happen in the winter.  looking after my pressure. just saying.

neki desu
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  1. maybe visit that market again. and keep it up, these are marvelous!

  2. of course i "read" them as narrative...

  3. Fun, fun, fun. You remind me of me when the Jacq arrived.


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