Monday, June 30, 2014

i weave too

astonished at the quickness of my surface mail package from japan.
i was told around 3 months so i figured by the end of august with a lot of luck, but it got here on the 27th of this month .roughly 2 months.

my beautiful wool stainless steel yarns from avril. i was told they are discontinuing this line from that manufacturer and when it's gone it's gone,therefore i stacked up as much as my budget could handle. apparently they are looking into other manufacturers.
the yarn is thinner than frog hair. most of the 
cones are 200 grams so i have yarn until the end of times. 
i need to buy a fine knitting bar to be able to use the yarns for knitting too. but if i just bought a new laptop to run the machine i can handle that.

also fell for this remnant of merino
200 grams of a gorgeous aubergine maroon
check out the grist!

here is the proof of the pudding. i am a weaver who not only stashes yarn, but also uses it.

nÂș 4 of the series in all its imperfect glory.
the weekend was spent re threading to solve that.
 don't know if i'll be cranking during the week because it's already hot.
 my walking routine has already moved to 8:30 a.m.

neki desu
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  1. How sad it'll be discontinued! I hope they find another source. It's very fun to knit and weave with. The textile kind of holds it's shape and can be reshaped into different configurations. Mine is Habu (but they get it from Avril) and can buy locally from The Silk Weaving Studio.

  2. Gorgeous colours. I especially like that warm rust.


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