Friday, May 23, 2014

new love

 tried it and i'm in love with the marudai.
have a good weekend!

neki desu
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  1. I dont blame you. What a fascinating video of stunning work

  2. It's addictive. And very meditative, very zen. I'm using one of the little foam disks, and have a square disk, too. Maybe someday I'll ask husband-san to make me a marudai...

  3. Delightful little video! Thanks for sharing, Neki. I'll be teaching a couple of classes of kumihimo on the marudai next month so it'll be nice to share that with my participants. It shows a lot of the different types of braiding stands and it was fun to watch the automated machines in action.

    Sandra, your husband is a woodturner! Get him to make you a marudai asap. I promise you won't want to go back to the foam disks after trying it.


interaction appreciated!


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