Monday, May 26, 2014

a well spent weekend

 another installment of this is fashion because i say so. spent the weekend sewing  the summer wardrobe .
i've lost a lot of weight-not complaining because i'm close to my old self-but that means either sewing or spending time taking in clothes. and i much do the former than the latter.

 i scored this wonderful linen fabric in nippori's fabric town when i was in tokyo. There's  something for everyone in fabric town ; notions  nice quilting fabrics, gorgeous fabrics as well as very ugly tacky ones, upholstery fabrics, you name it. it was made clear there  that japan is a textile manufacturing power.
the bad was that it was golden week and 90% of the shops were closed.the good is that my visa was more than grateful.
back to my fabric it is a bluish grey double weave linen with circular  areas of double weave known to weavers as pockets.
the pattern is a download from tessutti in australia. fun sewing and very  easy wear boho looking ^_^ !

neki desu
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  1. Um, love the fabric from Nippori! I have there a few times including the time I showed it to my Japanese friend. There were few vintage shops further on the street.

  2. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Oh I love that fabric, too! Maybe if all the shops had been open, the choices would have been overwhelming!

  3. Great fabric find. And I like the pattern, too. Looks perfect for the warm Barcelona summers!

  4. The Eva dress? I have made it twice already and wore my linen one all the time over summer!

  5. Very nice fabric! I love that dress. How did you resist adding a layer of dyes to it?


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