Wednesday, July 17, 2013

too hot amigos

to run a vat, to thread a needle, even to think. i propose my hodgepodge salad as a no brainer  cool and refreshing recipe.
 in a platter:
3 tbs lentils
2 sliced tomatoes
some black olives
fresh goat cheese
generous amount of chopped coriander
some basil leaves
paper thin cucumber slices
baby capers
mix with extra virgin olive oil.

enjoy with a watermelon fizz and fresh fruit.

what you get:
 the protein from the cheese and lentils,
coriander provides potassium,magnessium and flavonoids;
tomatoes: anti oxidants, flavonoids and potassium  + vitamins A C E K
kiwi and coriander:calcium plus vitamins A K E
watermelon: beta carotenes, anti oxidants + lots of vitamin B6
the cherries and yellow plums are for pure pleasure.

not bad for a no brainer ;)

 more nutritional facts here

neki desu
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