Monday, July 15, 2013

of underwear colors


       before: underwear pink yuk !                                            after: old rose grunge

 one of my pet peeves are those sweet baby blues and pinks i call  underwear colors.they are pretty and i don't do all.

nothing that a little brazilwood can't tame. although the dye wasn't too strong-still trying to exhaust.
i bunched up the t shirt trying to get some visual texture, but didn't suceed.however,the color is much more pleasing to my eyes.
tomorrow i'm starting an ai vat as husband-san is out of town.he's coming back to that surprise :)

neki desu
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  1. In my house, husband-san hates the smell of the ai vat almost as much as he hates the smell of wet silk!

  2. Ah, come vorrei essere con te e guardare cosa combini con questo ai vat!


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