Tuesday, June 04, 2013

she who dares

graduating from long rectangular things into something with more shape but not quite.
this is blandina's linen dyed in tannin that became a top? a vest?

learning by doing.the increases always show, especially with a yarn as fine as this. so why not take advantage and use them as design elements? all those pretty eyelets!

something that might make the purists-or the more concientious makers- out there cringe; i stitched the piece all around the edges to prevent the infamous stockinette stitch curl in. used the stretch stitch on my elna and i am very pleased with the outcome.

hurry summer,  hurry.

 neki desu
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  1. Anonymous3:32 PM

    it's lovely, as delicate as a spider web. hope your summer comes soon.

  2. It's ethereal! The stitching just gives the edges some body as well as preventing curl. Surprised you haven't dumped it in a dyepot yet though. Heh.

  3. The vest is wonderful! Be careful what you ask for - in a week or so, we'll hear you complaining about the heat....

  4. Purists schmurists. That's a nice edge. Kinda like a lettuce edge. Super garment.

  5. nice and light and airy. a pretty (without being "pretty") piece.


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