Monday, June 17, 2013

preparing,repairing and getting ready

inner landscapes 6 photo land6finished_zps3f00075d.jpg

latest one from the inner landscapes series. so far this one's my favorite. 
adding a parenthesis here:
weird picasa!! the photo came out very blurry so i changed hosts and the photo came up ok . closing parenthesis.
yesterday was spent planing the camino trip i even had to open a g mail account to be able to download apps for my phone, something i had resisted with delight. why give in now? weight. i really want to carry a light load and that will do away with a i need to carry anyway and as we all know books are heavy, especially carrying them  on one's back.
i wasn't counting  the anticipation and planning of the trip and it's almost exhilarating.
going to decathlon this morning to get my walkies and socks. learning about how not to get blisters. such science!

neki desu
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  1. I love the look of the landscape piece!

  2. Good landscape worth study! Very involving.
    Have a wonderful trip wherever it is you're going.

  3. Have a good trip wherever it is. Wonderful landscape, very involving.

  4. I like this one, too. The details are subtle, so you have to keep looking - it really draws you in! Yes, blister awareness is good. If you're going to be weaving new(ish) shoes, be sure to find the gel strips that go over your heel. Might as well prevent blisters, not just treat them. (BTW, when we did the Annapurna trek in Nepal years ago, I got blisters from my newish boots the first day, and did the rest of the 2 weeks in jogging shoes. They worked fine...)

  5. Ma non fa troppo caldo adesso per andare in giro a piedi? Forse programmate di camminare di notte!
    Brava però, una bella impresa.

  6. Anonymous7:13 PM

    have a super wonderful time, come back with new eyes, new ideas, refreshed enthusiasm. hope you avoid the blisters.


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