Tuesday, June 18, 2013

good news! good news!

the internet textile community is beyond amazing.
i wrote a message on facebook lamenting the fact that i had not received communication from the organising committee at lodz triennial regarding the reception of my piece. i knew it had gotten there, but as my contact sent me a frantic e- mail saying that it was past due freak out is an understatement. 
people started passing the message around. at the same time  my friend holly bradshaw communicated with a friend of hers who had a contact who... you get the drift.

holly's friend Susan Hart Henegar,who coincidentally participated in a show i also participated in 2001, located someone at the lodz museum, requested photos  then  sent me a message with the photos. 
 et voila mesdames! here's the  living proof ,the end to a nightmare that has lasted a year all together.
i have a feeling i was dealing  all this time with an intern and not someone from the  museum staff as the lack of professionalism was truly appalling.

was it shakespeare who said all's well that ends well? :) must have been as he said everything.

neki desu
Creative Commons License


  1. And it looks wonderful on the gallery wall, too!

  2. Come sono felice per te, la sparizione del tuo lavoro è stato un vero dolore. A proposito della professionalità ho una storiella da raccontarti privato!

  3. You must be so relieved to have found your lovely piece. There is is all safe and sound. Very rude of the person responsible for not advising you it had been received and panicking you.


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