Wednesday, April 10, 2013

rethinking:the world's full of re's


this is part of the 10 mt roll of 70 gr. lutradur i bought several years ago foreseeing lots of surface design work.or was it because of a stash enhancement strategy?
anyway the roll has been somewhat used and keeps rolling around from one place to another, keeping company to a black one.

lutra traced
 this is a what if moment.

if i use it to trace a pattern to avoid dealing with fragile tissue paper and spoiling the original pattern.... given the prices patterns are commanding it's not a foolish thought to keep them intact and some years on selling them as vintage.

last year my pal rubi brought me some notions from nancy's notions-intended pun- which included a lutradur like material for making patterns. so i just had to change the verb make to trace et voila!

much easier to handle,it can be re used provided you keep the category constant :ie can't forge a dress out of pants .
i'll be cutting the pants this pm. and thinking of other uses fot the remaining 8 mts. of lutradur.
what other uses can you think of?

weaving update: today's finito day if all goes well.

neki desu
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